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Ancillary Mercy 32

“Wasn’t the Undergarden evacuated?” I asked. Aloud, since obviously Ship wanted to have this conversation this way, no matter how I felt about it. “It ought to be empty.”

“Exactly,” Seivarden replied. Ship

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Publishers Weekly Reviews Ancillary Mercy

It’s got a star!

The breathtaking conclusion to Leckie’s much-lauded Imperiald Radch trilogy (Ancillary Justice; Ancillary Sword) lives up to the promise and expectations of the earlier books.

They like it! Click on that link and read the whole review!

As I told a friend in email, I am currently at the “BUT DID YOU LIIIIIIIIIIKE IT??????” stage of a book release. I know reviewers have gotten copies and some are reading it, and I know it’s unhealthy to keep refreshing twitter feeds and blogs in the hope that someone will say something, anything, about having read it. So I don’t. But.

The first few reviews coming out do help with that–as does the fact that they’re positive so far. By the time October 6 rolls around I’ll be as blase as I get about such things, and that’ll be good because that’s going to be a very busy week.

Almost here! Almost exactly one month away! I am so looking forward to everyone being able to read AM I can’t even say.

Ancillary Mercy 26

I was not amused or comforted by my soldiers’ attempts to imitate what I had once been. Still, I hadn’t forbidden it. Until very recently, my soldiers hadn’t known about my past. And they seemed to find in it a way to shield themselves from the inescapable intimacy of life on a small ship.