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Ancillary Ships Infographic

Over at io9, they’ve posted a fab graphic the folks at Orbit did up on Radchaai warships and their relative size. Check it out!

It’s now less than a week until Ancillary Mercy comes out! I’ve seen a few more folks say they’ve seen it out on bookstore shelves early, so like I said, you might want to give your local a call and see.

And don’t forget, I’ll be traveling next week–look on the sidebar of my blog, to the right and kind of down a bit, there, for times and locations! I’ll also be doing a Reddit AMA on Monday evening. I’ll try to blog and tweet the link when it goes up, though I’ll be traveling that day and my internet access might be spotty until just before I’m scheduled to answer questions.

Ancillary Mercy 32

“Wasn’t the Undergarden evacuated?” I asked. Aloud, since obviously Ship wanted to have this conversation this way, no matter how I felt about it. “It ought to be empty.”

“Exactly,” Seivarden replied. Ship

And…it’s now a month before you’ll be able to read the entire book! If you haven’t subscribed to my newsletter and already gotten Chapter 1, no worries. Keep your eye on Orbit’s website, where Chapter One will be going live sometime soonish in its entirety.

Ancillary Mercy 17

“That part of the Lord of the Radch has reason to be extremely angry with you,” Seivarden pointed out, for Ship.

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