4 thoughts on “New Book “Translation State” coming in June of 23

  1. f
    fvngvs says:

    I had wondered at the quietness on this blog.
    Now I know the reason.
    [holds breath until … late 2023?]

  2. G
    Grant says:

    That’s so exciting! I found the Presger translators very charming, and I’ve been eager to learn more about them and the Presger generally.

  3. G
    Garal Ket says:

    Hello, will Adjoa Andoh be narrating the audiobook? I really hope so – I can’t imagine anyone else as the voice of Radch Space.

  4. P
    PickledMoustache says:

    You are an amazing writer! I was hoping to see more of this intriguing world. I’m so glad that you decided to continue exploring it!

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