Provenance Vestiges

So, I’m nearly to the last stop on my epic tour! I’ve had a lovely time, and met so many amazing and wonderful people. My readers are the best.

For the trilogy, I was giving out pins, which was great fun, but in all honestly were somewhat difficult to travel with. One pin may not weigh much. Several hundred are another matter entirely. And the mass of them tended to make airport security jumpy.

I wanted to do something fun this time, too, but maybe also something that wouldn’t set off every metal detector on my cross-continent trek, and might be more easily mailable once I got home. And the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like what I wanted was some kind of cool vestige! So I contacted Nikki Thayer. Nikki did me my GigaNotoSaurus banner, and it was Nikki who I turned to when I wanted some Emanations. So this time I went to Nikki and asked her to please make me some cool art to go on the back of some postcards.

If you came to one of my signings, you’ll have gotten (or been able to get) a vestige of the occasion with the first image here, but there are two others! And Nikki says y’all can use these for stuff–make things with them if you want! Do please try to credit Nikki if you can, though.

Also by the time I get home I should have actual postcards of all three images, so if you want one go ahead and send me a SASE (that a regular sized postcard will fit in) and I’ll send you one! Wait till some time next week, though, because I won’t be good for much till then. The address is on my Contact page.

Anyway, here’s the art! None of it is spoilers, really, though none of it makes much sense until you’ve read the book.

9 thoughts on “Provenance Vestiges

  1. U
    Usual John says:

    Having read and very much enjoyed Provenance, I can’t help but wonder: Is it intended that there be sequels, perhaps a trilogy? There do seem to be a number of questions raised in the book that are not answered by the end.

    1. Ann says:

      The book is intended to be a standalone.

      1. U
        Usual John says:

        Hmm, well, maybe I need to read it a second time – hardly a chore, it was the most enjoyable book I’ve read for a while. I assume this is intended to be a spoiler-free zone, so I won’t say anything here about my unanswered questions.

      2. J
        Johan says:

        I’m very glad to hear this is a standalone, I think it’s such a rare thing in the genre! I’m hoping you’ll continue write in the same universe though, building towards the treaty, perhaps?

    2. N
      Nick says:

      This is more of a musing informed by your statement, but I feel like this is something missing from modern readership, perhaps even all storytelling media: I find there is a failing appreciation for unanswered questions. This was once a great energizer, for SF in particular. There just isn’t any sort of interest or awe or excitement that can be evoked to as great a degree as by anything other than carefully unanswered mysteries.

  2. Awesome! What fun! I love following your exploits, Ann!

  3. A
    Adrian says:

    Hi Anne, thank you for Provenance, i loved it as i did your last 3 books. It may have slipped by me but i wish to understand the significance of the heavy shoes in the assembly chambers which i felt were mentioned too many times after to not just be a throw away ‘device’. There is even a picture of shoes above in this thread……
    Thanks again for the wonderful book.

    1. Ann says:

      The importance of the shoes is that they aren’t Ingray’s. More than that, I must leave to the reader.

      1. C
        Cadbury Moose says:

        Chekov’s shoes. 3:O)>

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