Provenance Preview! Read the First Three Chapters Now!

So, Provenance will be out in a bit more than a month! I can’t wait for folks to read it, honestly.

Not long ago, you had a chance to read the opening, oh I’d say half first chapter, for free online. And maybe that just whetted your appetite and now you have to wait until nearly the end of September for the rest?

Well, if you sign up for my newsletter, you can get all of Chapter 1, plus chapters 2 and 3! You might see a black banner across the top of my website asking you to sign up for the newsletter, with a text box for entering your email. You can use that, or if you’ve dismissed that click this link to go to a form you can fill out–a text box for your email, and then under that are checkboxes for which newsletters you’re signing up for. You want to check the “Ann Leckie” one, and you might or might not want to check any of the others, depending, but it’s the Ann Leckie one that will get you the chapters.

Here’s the deal–I hardly ever use my newsletter so I guarantee you won’t be spammed. What it does get used for is things like this. And for announcements of upcoming publications and such. Folks who are already signed up probably already have the chapters in their inboxes. If you aren’t signed up yet, you’ll get the chapters when you do. So, if you want to read the first three chapters early, there you go!

13 thoughts on “Provenance Preview! Read the First Three Chapters Now!

  1. C
    Craig Ewert says:

    Thanks! But now I will read these first chapters multiple times before the whole book comes out. And, forever after, Provenance will have an unbalanced reading profile. Chapters 1-3 will always have been read more than chapters 4-N.

    I can feel my pretend OCD rising.

    1. C
      Cadbury Moose says:

      This moose needs more willpower! Must resist the temptation to download and devour free chapters – it only makes the wait for the official release date that much harder to endure. 3:O(>

      OTOH it was an excellent read and I can think of any number of ways the story might develop.

  2. Robert Jenner says:

    Late reply, only just read these chapters due to a hectic work schedule. First thought: I love how Ingray is almost the diametric opposite of Breq in every way, except possibly their willingness to risk. Though where Breq calculates the odds carefully, it seems like Ingray jumps in with both feet.

    Can’t wait for the full novel, thanks for whetting my appetite. 🙂

  3. A
    Andy says:

    So looking forward to reading this! But why is the Kindle edition expensive?

    1. Ann says:

      I honestly don’t know–I have no control over the pricing of the book.

      1. A
        Andy says:

        I suppose it’s good old fashioned supply and demand playing out! For several years, since I bought my Kindle, e-books have been a little cheaper than paper ones. But that seems to be changing – I’ve noticed it a lot, not just with Provenance. I know that the physical cost of the paper infrastructure is not actually that huge a part of the overall publishing costs, but I believe e-books are cheaper to publish. Ah well, I enjoyed the first three chapters of Provenance enough that I’ll probably shell out anyway! So they probably know what they’re doing (grrr!).

  4. L
    Louise says:

    Dear Ann I seem to have trouble with signing up for your newsletter, the link states I have signed up but I did not receive the newsletter. Do you have another way of signing up? Regards

    1. Ann says:

      Check your email! 😀

      [edited to add–That is to say, I’ve sent you an email. I just realized that my reply could sound like a flippant version of “you just haven’t looked in your email inbox hard enough!” which wasn’t what I meant.]

  5. E
    Eli says:

    Is there something specific I should do after signing up to get the chapters or do I just wait?

    1. Ann says:

      Wait a day or so. If nothing turns up in your inbox (or your spam filter) give me a shout and I’ll fix you up.

  6. G
    Gabrielle says:

    Hi Ann! I’m a huge fan of your work. Unfortunately, I signed up for the newsletter and still haven’t received the chapters. Would be it be possible for you to send a link? 🙂 Thank you!

    1. Ann says:

      I’ve sent you an email! 😀

  7. D
    Daniel says:

    Dear Ann, I made the mistake of reading the Chapter 1 excerpt on Vice, so now I’m aching to get the promo Chapters 1-3. I registered for the newsletter a day ago, but I haven’t got the reward yet. I’ve e-mailed the mailing list manager but e’s out. Can you fix me up like you have the fortunate people above?

    + a reader story: my wife and I had one of our biggest arguments when i started the second Ancillary book on my own without announcing it or reading it out loud. Such emotional investment.

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