Misc Notes

Various things I’ve considered tweeting, or that are too small for their own blog posts:

1)There was a time when I felt strongly the responsibility to finish any book I started. In some cases, I’ve been the better for doing that, but in others the impulse to lay a book aside might have been better obeyed.

Personally, I think that if you’re really, really finding a book a slog, and you really want to stop reading it, actually putting it down for good is definitely an option. Yes, even if it’s my book. Thank you for trying it, sorry it wasn’t your kind of thing, no hard feelings on my part. It happens. You are under no obligation, moral or otherwise, to spend your time finishing a book you’re not enjoying.

2)I am still amazed in the best possible way by the reception Ancillary Justice has had so far.

3)This recipe for sesame noodles is delicious, though next time I make them I will cut down on the (non-sesame) oil. (Like a good allrecipes user, I actually altered it from the get-go–I used mirin instead of rice vinegar, I halved the sriracha, and I only used half the sugar. I might use even less sugar next time. And possibly a touch more sriracha.) It looks like a useful basic recipe to have with other stuff–tofu, leftover chicken, whatever vegetables you have on hand, that sort of thing.

4) While I was writing Ancillary Justice there were quite a few times that I read something that made me want to cry, because it was so good and there was no way in a million years my own work would ever come close to what I had just read. It was hopeless for me to even attempt it.

I kept writing anyway. Because, damn it. Just because.

My honest advice to any writer who has such a moment when reading some book that impresses them–and I suspect quite a lot of us have had such a moment, or will have at least one or two of them–is to feel those feelings, and then make yourself a nice relaxing cup of hot chocolate or tea (I recommend a lavender tea, but you have whatever is warm and comforting and relaxing). And/or do whatever self-comforting things you do. Bath, or music, or a silly movie, or whatever. Then, go to bed and get yourself a good night’s rest.

The next day, get up, sit down at the keyboard, and keep writing.