Signing at Subterranean Books

Last night’s signing at Subterranean Books was loads of fun. There was even cake!


Just because. Cake doesn’t really need any reason besides its own existence.

It was a great evening. I really enjoyed hanging out with the people who came, and the folks at Subterranean were fabulous.

Subterranean Books is a great store. They’ve got a really nice selection of books, and while they don’t specialize in science fiction, it’s pretty clear from looking at their SF shelves that someone there is a fan. It’s not a huge selection, but it’s a really good one. If you’re looking for something you’ve been hearing about, that sounded interesting, chances are you’ll find it there.

And of course, they’ve got some signed copies of Ancillary Justice. So if you’re in St Louis, and you want a signed copy, Subterranean is the place to get them.

In other news, there have been more reviews, and of course it’s very gratifying to see review titles like “The mind blowing space opera you’ve been needing” but even so, I have to give the first prize trophy for titles to “I Am Beside Myself and Myself and Myself.”

One thought on “Signing at Subterranean Books

  1. Daen de Leon says:

    I am very sad. I have almost finished “Ancillary Justice”, and I know I will want to immediately jump into the second book … AJ has been absolutely excellent. Thank you!

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