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Cinnamon Roll

So, over on Tumblr–where I mostly just do silly stuff, so you’re probably not missing much if you don’t follow me there, unless you’re into the silly stuff–over on Tumblr, as I was saying, there is this thing about cinnamon rolls. It started, I do believe, with this Onion story: Beautiful Cinnamon Roll Too Good For This World, Too Pure.

Know Your Meme tells us that it “subsequently became an exploitable catchphrase used on Tumblr to describe adorable, charismatic or otherwise sympathetic fictional characters.”

So. Also over on Tumblr, user oneesk19 posted this.

Yes, folks, that is cinnamon roll flavored vodka. And I wanted to reblog it and say something so badly. But I could not. Because nobody would get it. And maybe nobody will get it now, but I don’t care.

As it happens, cinnamon roll flavored vodka is in fact readily available in my area. So, yeah.

2015-09-28 13.12.35

So. Turns out, cinnamon roll flavored vodka tastes pretty nasty. It’s really sweet, and then there’s this sudden wave of fake vanilla and you wonder why you ever thought drinking it would be a good idea. The company’s website cheerfully advises having it with orange juice. I have made the experiment, and while (somewhat mysteriously) it tastes noticeably more like an actual cinnamon roll that way, the actual cinnamon roll taste in question is still pretty horrible. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the rest of the bottle, honestly. But it was too amusing not to try it out, anyway.

One Week!

It’s one week until Ancillary Mercy officially hits shelves! If I remember correctly from last year, some places did put them out a few days early, and if you luck into a copy that way, by all means grab it!

But, you know, you could also pre-order it. If you pre-order an ebook, it will likely download as soon as the day arrives. Some places will mail out paper books so that they arrive in time for release day. And you can also pre-order the audiobook. It’s read by the amazing Adjoa Andoh. Look, here’s photographic proof–my UK editor took this pic while Ms Andoh was recording AM!


One week. Seven days. Almost here!

Ancillary Mercy Cover Art Sweepstakes

I have to say, I really love the cover art for the Ancillary books. In fact, I have a full-size print of the whole triptych on my living room wall. I bought it from John Harris, because I just loved it so much. (I don’t know who has the original, but I can only assume they love it as much as I would if I’d been able to afford it. )

And to celebrate the release of Ancillary Mercy, Orbit is running a sweepstakes. Ten people will win a poster of the Ancillary cover art. Signed by me! To enter, pre-order Ancillary Mercy (or purchase it–this is open until October 13), and fill out this form. You also need to have a mailing address in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand.

So, click on over and enter!

Publishers Weekly Reviews Ancillary Mercy

It’s got a star!

The breathtaking conclusion to Leckie’s much-lauded Imperiald Radch trilogy (Ancillary Justice; Ancillary Sword) lives up to the promise and expectations of the earlier books.

They like it! Click on that link and read the whole review!

As I told a friend in email, I am currently at the “BUT DID YOU LIIIIIIIIIIKE IT??????” stage of a book release. I know reviewers have gotten copies and some are reading it, and I know it’s unhealthy to keep refreshing twitter feeds and blogs in the hope that someone will say something, anything, about having read it. So I don’t. But.

The first few reviews coming out do help with that–as does the fact that they’re positive so far. By the time October 6 rolls around I’ll be as blase as I get about such things, and that’ll be good because that’s going to be a very busy week.

Almost here! Almost exactly one month away! I am so looking forward to everyone being able to read AM I can’t even say.