Hey, you know what, I’ve been so distracted by Things and Life–stuff like current events, and turning in the next novel to my editors–that I missed the start of the annual Worldbuilders drive.

Do you know about Worldbuilders? It’s basically a drive for donations to Heifer International, which is a charity I like a lot. There are auctions for various cool things you can bid on, and prizes for donating, and it’s just generally a lot of fun and for a good cause, so check it out!

2 thoughts on “Worldbuilders

  1. i
    illz says:

    new novel? can we get a blurb? hint?

    1. Ann says:

      A blurb, I don’t think yet. (I’m not sure exactly how much my editors want revealed at this point.) However, I can give you this link, which won’t tell you much, but it’s something!

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