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Hey, y’all! I’m in the middle of getting ready for WorldCon, and also making progress on the WiP. Which means I haven’t really had the brainspace for blogging. Yeah, I know, I’m not exactly regular on that score anyway.

But. I saw this yesterday. I tweeted it and I tumbled it and now I am going to blog it because it is AWESOME:

It’s a book trailer! It’s by bironic, you know, the person who did the awesome Starships video! This trailer is assembled from a bunch of different sources, none of which was any sort of adaptation of any of the Ancillary books, and yet. And yet!

Look at that. Look how awesome that is!

13 thoughts on “Ancillary Justice Book Trailer

  1. Wow. That is intense, and I know the books pretty well already.

  2. J
    Jay says:

    If only this were a trailer for an actual TV show. Even awesomer!

  3. R
    Robin Reid says:

    *This* is so fantastic!

    I am teaching your trilogy in my graduate Texts and Genders course next fall, and I’ve dropped Bironic a note asking for permission to link to the video from my online class.

    I taught AJ in my graduate marginalized literatures course last spring–had hoped to set up a group talk but spent most of February sick with the worst case of flu I’ve ever had, and the semester went badly pear-shaped until late in April.

    I’m teaching the trilogy alongside two books by Sara Ahmed (Queer Phenemonology and Willful Subjects)–when I teach theory I always have a literary text we work with! (And for some years I’ve said sf is the best genre to use in gender theory courses because it is the genre that does the most to critique gender).

    I know you’re swamped–but I’ve decided to try to organize things before the term starts (which is actually in a couple of weeks, though we’ll be reading one of the theory books before the novels), so if you’d be interested in a guest post/discussion opportunity at my academic Dreamwidth, I’d love to start planning it. I also asked Bironic for something similar.

    1. Ann says:

      I might be interested–please feel free to email me at ann at annleckie dot com and let me know what you’re thinking of!

      (I cannot even tell you how amazing it is to hear that you’re using my book for a course. Holy cow.)

      1. R
        Robin Reid says:

        I will!

        I have said for years that the best fiction to use in my gender theory classes is sf because sf is *the* genre that has the most potential for analyzing and rethinking gender (and sexuality). I always take the applied approach, not “pure” theory (read theory, analyze theory, write theory, but rather, think about how theory can help create interpretations), and I like teaching recently published works instead of “classics” (in my Afrofuturism class this fall, I’m using Jemisin’s _Fifth Season_, Okorafor’s _Lagoon_, and Okri’s _The Famished Road_. I knew I’d be using the Imperial Radch series as soon as it was complete–but it was great that the class was scheduled so soon after publication. I will drop you a note in a week or two (I’m setting up the class schedule right now, and thinking it would be best to have the discussion after we finish the first reading of the series).

  4. asakiyume says:


    The footage that they used, did they create that themselves, or does it come from some preexistent movie? It **seems** like it was made expressly for your book. It is GORGEOUS.

    1. Ann says:

      Much of it is from a film called “Pumzi” that really I think I now have to watch.

      Sources listed there.

      It’s an amazing piece of work, isn’t it!

      1. asakiyume says:

        Yes it is! Thanks for the link to their journal–I’m especially glad for the link to the song and name of the singer, because that was beautiful. And yeah, gotta find Pumzi.

  5. Barbara says:


  6. j
    janetl says:

    The trailer is wonderful!

  7. paresh says:

    Wow! Congrads on the trailer. I love it!

    I hope SyFy or Netflix picks it up for a show. As much as I like to see a movie it would it be injustice to the book. TV would give it more time to explore the book.

  8. P
    Philip Williams says:

    Wow! Amazing! Brilliant! Makes me want to read the books over again 🙂 Thank you Ann for proving there is still good high quality science fiction out there. Nothing better.

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