Stockholm Visit–more details

Do you want more information about my visit to Stockholm this month? Check out this link.

If you scroll down, you’ll see this:

Vinn en middagsdejt med Ann Leckie!
SF-Bokhandeln bjuder på en middag med Ann Leckie och representant från SF-Bokhandeln efter hennes signering hos oss. Vill du passa på att prata rymden, sf och allt annat med en av sf-världens intressantaste hjärnor?
Mejla [davidb at] och bifoga ett exempel på en fråga du vill ställa till Ann!

Which the “translate this” button renders as

Win a dinner date with Ann Leckie!
Sf Bookstore to buy me a dinner with Ann Leckie and representative from sf bookstore after her signing with us. Do you want to take the opportunity to talk space, sf and everything else with one of the sf-the world’s most interesting brains?
E-mail [davidb at] and attach an example of a question you would like to ask Ann!

I know, probably everyone who would be able to enter the contest could read the Swedish, but.

Anyway, check it out!