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  1. Hello Ann and every one 🙂

    I was just re-reading Ancillary Sword, warming myself before Ancillary Mercy’s coming out.
    I was wondering about Tisarwat: I understand that she still has memories of who she briefly was, and suffers from involuntary comparisons between to such different minds, but she also seems to be much cleverer than she was. I know she was (is) very young, especially by Breq’s standards, but still, she seems to have been superficial and rather silly, or so thinks her entourage … Has her mind been improved, transformed by the process, or was she clever to begin with, and would have improved anyway, if in a much slower way?

    1. Ann says:

      That’s…an interesting question. I think Tisarwat has actually always been fairly clever, just with a tendency towards silly. But there have certainly been changes to her as a result of what she’s been through as well.

      1. That could be the effect of the upbringing of a privileged child, who hasn’t be taught to think much by herself and suddenly has to, very quickly and violently.
        After all it’s a recurrent theme, in Breq’s musings: how she has raised so many baby lieutenants from clay to good – or not so bad I they could have been – officers.

        Thanks so much for your books, they are fabulously entertaining and (which it’s much more uncommon and invaluable) an occasion to wonder and ponder about universal and profound questions. Meeting a character so poignant, touching and true as Breq is, is quite exceptional and precious : a treat and a honor!

        I wish you a good day and happy books 🙂

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