Last, but hardly least, the Emanation of Existence and Non-existence:

8-11-15 ancillary justice drafts-10

Divisible into Existence:

8-11-15 ancillary justice drafts-12

And Non-existence:

8-11-15 ancillary justice drafts-11

I don’t know about you, but I’m seeing an opportunity for putting some little sparkly things into Existence. A small tube of E6000 goes a long way, and you can almost always find a package of little sparkly acrylic “gems” at the craft store. I love sparkle, myself.

Work these in beads, fiber, polymer clay, paper–whatever you like. Quickie print them up and use self-laminating adhesive sheets. Paint or draw them on things. Embroider–honestly, whatever seems fun to you!

Here’s an SVG file for you to play with:


This is an SVG file with layers. Gimp will open it but it won’t see the layers. As I said the other day, I’m told the file (and the corresponding ones for the other Emanations) was made in Adobe Illustrator and will open in that application. Someone in comments yesterday suggested Inkscape.

Here’s a PSD file with layers:


This uses the CMYK color scheme. I have no idea what that means, besides the fact that Gimp won’t open it. Presumably Photoshop will. Nicole has said she’ll convert these over to RGB when she gets a chance, at which point I’ll upload those and link them.

Nicole tells me she’s tried very hard to make these layers clear and easy for folks to work with, so y’all can manipulate these and play with them to your heart’s content. And I want to thank her again for doing such awesome work! If you make things with these, do try to credit her in some way.

And there you go! The four Emanations, for you to enjoy and play around with however you like!