Reminder: Ancillary Cover Art Sweepstakes

It says something about my life lately that I was folding laundry when I heard a sound that…could it be? It sounded remarkably like the back of a UPS truck opening. For about half a second, I thought to myself, “Self, how is it you actually noticed and recognized that sound specifically?” But I did, it turns out, because that’s exactly what it was. And guess what the UPS person brought me?


Know what that is? That’s a stack of ten posters of John Harris’ lovely Ancillary cover artwork. I’m going to sign them, and send them back where they came from.

If you’ve pre-ordered or purchased Ancillary Mercy by October 13, you can enter a drawing to win one of these. Just fill out the form at this link.

3 thoughts on “Reminder: Ancillary Cover Art Sweepstakes

  1. C
    Caleb_Nagel says:

    Sadly, I can’t pre-order at the moment. My bank account is on the empty side. Are these posters a one-off, or might there be future opportunities to obtain one? They look magnificent!

    1. Ann says:

      They’re a one-off so far as I know. The drawing is open till Oct 13, if that helps. Though I totally understand it may not.

      I do kind of wish the image were easily available as an affordable poster. You can get prints from John Harris himself, but they’re pricey. I have one, it was a big splurge, but I figured it was worth it, considering. I could see that not everyone might want to pay so much, though!

  2. P
    Pipshag says:

    A really fun sweepstake – but I can’t participate since I live in Sweden. Really hurts because I love the series!

    Thank you for your books, they sincerly made me think differently about the future.

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