Ancillary Mercy Audiobook News!

Or, really, more like audiobook AWESOMENESS.

So, today my Orbit UK editor Jenni Hill toured the RNIB Talking Books studios. Which is already cool, but guess who she met there?


Yes, Adjoa Andoh was there. And she was there because she was recording the audiobook of Ancillary Mercy.

Words fail me at how happy I am about that! Though I am a trifle envious I’m not near enough to the UK to have cadged myself a place on that tour. But that’s only a tiny thing next to seeing that Adjoa Andoh is reading my book!

Oh, the news part is, yes, there will be an audiobook of AM, and as far as I know it comes out the same day as the book-book, and it is, in fact, being read by Adjoa Andoh.


3 thoughts on “Ancillary Mercy Audiobook News!

  1. Minki says:

    I’m so excited! Adjoa Andoh did such a wonderful job on the first two that I will definitely get this one in both print and audio too.

    Her Seivarden has a way of saying “Breq” in a way that is 50% petulance, 50% seduction and 100% entertaining. The commute is about to get fun again!

  2. Nick says:

    She did really good at sword… Though it was a bit confusing coming from Celeste Ciulla who did the first book. Both were quite good, but the transitions from lieutenants to leftenants and Anaander Mianaai and Ancillary pronunciations was a bit of a shift in my head. Still great that she is coming back! Looking forward to the wrap up to the trilogy!

    1. Minki says:

      Yes! I was wondering about that. Adjoa Andoh put a really interesting spin on the pronunciations of names. Her Anaander Mianaai was particularly jarring, adding at least two syllables that I didn’t expect. This made it sound very alien, which I suppose isn’t a bad thing in a science fiction book.

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