Later this week I’m headed to Spokane for Sasquan! For various reasons I’ll only be there on Saturday and Sunday. Well, maybe if the plane doesn’t hit a truck full of bacon I’ll be there Friday evening.

I will have badge ribbons to give out! Also (while supplies last) pins! If you have a desire for an Awn Elming pin or a Translator Dlique memorial pin, seeing me at a con is a good way to get one. (If you don’t have the chance to do that, I’ll almost certainly be listing them on Etsy again some time after October. Maybe in September, depending on my schedule.)

I might also have other swag!

My panel schedule is here. Note that I have a reading on Sunday. I will probably read the opening of Ancillary Mercy. I will maybe also have a couple printouts of the first three chapters of AM to be raffled off.

I will also be at the Hugos. I considered writing a post about my opinions on the Hugos this year but in the end I decided it wasn’t worth it. Other people have already said a lot of the things I would like to say.

I will say that the difference between “acts like an asshole for marketing purposes” and “actually is an asshole” is so very small that it might as well not exist. And I am looking forward to the implementation of E Pluribus Hugo.

I will also say that I don’t expect to be taking home a rocket this year. There haven’t been very many back-to-back Novel winners, and I expect most voters will figure I got quite a lot of love last year (I did!) and maybe others could use some. I find this more than reasonable, and I heartily endorse other writers getting love. And rockets.

4 thoughts on “Sasquan!

  1. J
    JK says:

    I just had a thought that a tea cup with ‘Not tea but blood!’ would be pretty awesome.

    1. Ann says:

      OMG it totally would.

  2. Tudor says:

    But Ancillary Sword is unique by being a very different sequel to an extremely popular first volume. Well, maybe not that unique. There is another very different sequel to a very popular novel. It’s called Speaker for the Dead 🙂

    1. Ann says:

      Yeah, and that’s a hard act to imitate! 😀

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