Since tomorrow the bit by bitting of Ancillary Mercy begins (available for pre-order wherever fine books are, uh, pre-sold!), I thought I would re-post the Ancillary Mercy wordle for those of you who may be inclined to scan it for hints. Or, you know, admire the pretty colors.

A bit of information first up–I’m pretty sure the program that generates these counts capitalized words as different from lower case ones. Thus Ship and ship, and Station and station, are considered different words.

mercy wordle

And for comparison, for those of you who care (or are at loose ends and looking for something to amuse yourself with), the wordle for Ancillary Justice:

Screenshot 2015-08-05 16.05.45

And Ancillary Sword:


2 thoughts on “Wordles

  1. J
    JK says:

    Is it bad that when I saw a large ‘tea’ in the Ancillary Mercy wordle I first went ‘Yay!’ and then spent some time comparing sizes with the Sword wordle to see just how much tea would be in Mercy?

    And then I had to compare ‘Five’…

    1. Ann says:

      ahahaha. I’m pretty sure there’s more tea in Sword, but maybe I should look at the wordle to be sure…as for Five, she’s there!

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