Ancillary Mercy bit by bit

So, last year I did the thing where starting a month before the release of Ancillary Sword, I blogged one sentence a day from the opening of the book. Of course, Orbit posted the entirety of Chapter One a week or so after I began, which kind of made my sentence-a-day pointless, but eh, it was fun.

This year I am going to begin two months before. Because–I checked–Orbit is going to post Chapter One about a month before release day. So! That means, I’ll give you a sentence, or maybe even a paragraph, a day for thirty or so days, and then you’ll have the rest of Chapter One to amuse you until the book comes out. Sound good?

Ancillary Mercy–incidentally currently available for pre-order at fine booksellers everywhere, and probably some not-so-fine ones–comes out October 6. Today–if I’ve performed the WordPress incantations properly–is August 5. Watch this space!

One thought on “Ancillary Mercy bit by bit

  1. Ilan says:

    It is August 5! Praise be to WordPress!

    Fun fact: October 6th is my birthday. (Okay, not fun. But a fact!) I’m very excited about what book I will be able to read that day.

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