Ancillary Sword Ebook Price Cut!

Want an ebook copy of Ancillary Sword? You can buy one now for just $4.99. In the US, anyway. I don’t know if there’s a similar price cut for the UK, although it looks like there might be.

Also I think this price is available all through the rest of July.

So! You can get your $4.99 ebook of Ancillary Sword from Kobo, or from Barnes and Noble, or from Amazon.

For some reason, when I try to go directly to the Nook version on the Barnes and Noble site it’s giving me an error. Hoping they get that cleared up.

So, if you’ve only read the sample in the Hugo packet and want the rest, or if you borrowed AS from the library (yay, libraries!) and want your own copy, now’s a good time to grab the ebook of Ancillary Sword.

(Also, don’t forget that Ancillary Mercy is available for pre-order. Even, yes, at Amazon this year.)

4 thoughts on “Ancillary Sword Ebook Price Cut!

  1. Jon Lennox says:

    Also on Google Books.

  2. M
    Marc says:

    It’s $4.99 on Canadian Amazon too. Ancillary Justice is next up on my to-read pile (about halfway through Mirror Empire at the moment), but at this price, I may have to buy Sword before I even start Justice. Was gifted a copy of Justice because the holds on both books in my local library system outnumber the copies threefold and I really want to dig into the series.

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