Adagio Now Sells Sample Packages of Fandom Blends

Like the title says. I was poking around Adagio Tea, and discovered that they now sell single sample tins of fandom blends. They’re a little pricey at $4 each–the site says they make about five cups, obviously this depends on how much you use, but that’s eighty cents a cup. Compare that to the per cup prices on their other, high end teas. Pretty steep. (Haha, steep.)

But! For just four bucks you can try a little bit of a blend that sounds interesting, instead of ending up with a three ounce bag* of something you really don’t like. So, say, if you were wary of the lapsang in EtrepaBo, you could try just a little bit.

This is an even cooler development than their selling boxes of ten sample tins at once. I did buy some, and gave them out to people, and then Adagio ran out of tins (they said they hadn’t expected the sample tin thing to be so popular) and I was sad, and now they’re back, and even better. You can buy ten samples of one blend, for $20. Or you can buy one tin for $4.

And there are quite a lot of fandom blends beyond mine that you might want to check out!

*Three ounces is a lot of tea. You know what’s even more? A freaking pound of tea. A couple years ago I ran across a tin of Republic of Tea Rosepetal Black. I don’t know what moved me to buy it, I didn’t think I’d like flowery tea, let alone with roses. I was probably just curious. But oh my goodness it was lovely. And then I went to the website and discovered I couldn’t buy more until spring–it was seasonal and when they ran out, it was gone till the next year. So when it came around again, I bought a pound of the stuff. It’s been two years and I think I may have gotten through half of it. Granted, I have so many other teas right now (they’re all research!) that I don’t drink it every day, or even necessarily every week. Still. One pound is a lot of tea.

2 thoughts on “Adagio Now Sells Sample Packages of Fandom Blends

  1. An says:

    You know, black tea with rose is the one tea I routinely get in one-pound increments. I get mine from the SF Herb Company, though, which is also where I get oddities like lemon juice powder (surprisingly delicious on popcorn!) and catnip.

    You know what’s a lot? One pound of catnip. I have been getting cats high for about the last two years on this quantity. I can fit almost all of a pound of tea into a one-quart mason jar; the catnip had more volume than a volleyball.

    1. Ann says:

      Mmmmm, black tea with rose.

      OMG one pound of catnip. I just, wow. That’s a lot.

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