Hugo Voting Is Open

As the subject line says. Hugo voting is open, and there are instructions at that link for how to recover your voting PIN if you’ve misplaced it.

This is also a reminder that if you are at all interested in the outcome of the Hugo Awards (not everyone is, that’s cool, scroll on by), a supporting membership of this year’s Worldcon comes with voting rights, and nominating rights for next year. It also, by the way, comes with voting rights for site selection for 2017 (though an extra payment does apply if you want to vote for site selection), and just personally I think a Helsinki Worldcon would be hella fabulous. Just saying, you vote how (or if) you like.

Supporting memberships to this year’s Worldcon are available at this link.

When I first voted for the Hugos, several years ago, I didn’t fully understand the voting system, or how No Award fit into things. But I’m going to be entirely honest, I have felt the need to use No Award in at least one category every single year that I’ve been eligible to vote. No, I’m not going to say what I’ve No Awarded over the years. Nor am I going to tell you whether or how to deploy No Award yourself, if you’re a Hugo voter. That’s something you’ll have to decide for yourself, for your own reasons.

What I am going to do is provide you with a link to Kevin Standlee’s explanation of how No Award works in Hugo Voting. The more information you have, the better your choices can align with your aims.