Con or Bust Auctions!

Y’all are familiar with Con or Bust? If not perhaps you should be. The aim of Con or Bust is to help fans of color get to conventions, and they fund their endeavors with an annual auction.

If you just go to their front page and start scrolling, or browse the tags, you’ll find all kinds of cool things to bid on. Quite a lot of signed books so far, but there are other things as well. Go check it out!

And as it happens, there are some auctions posted that have been donated by my publisher, Orbit.

  • There’s this Science Fiction Grab Bag, which includes a copy of Ancillary Justice, a copy of Leviathan’s Wake, a copy of Fortune’s Pawn and an ARC of Kim Stanley Robinson’s newest book, that’s out in July.
  • There’s tea and memorial pins! This one is kind of donated by me and Orbit both. The winner will get some Justice, Propriety, and Benefit, along with two memorial pins that read “Awn Elming.”
  • And last of all, you could bid on a signed, first chapter of Ancillary Mercy. I want to be very clear, this is just the first chapter. It is not the entire book.
  • And if none of those things intrigues you, I don’t doubt there’ll be other things posted as time goes by that might.

    About those pins–I had them made up and they arrived here about a week ago. I have quite a few. I figured I’d post a few at a time to my Etsy shop, at cost plus shipping (if it were only a few I’d eat the shipping, but this is way too many for that) and I threw a batch of twenty up and tweeted and tumbled and figured I’d blog when I had a chance, but they all sold out in about five minutes. The next batch took about an hour. Same for batch number three. I don’t have time to mail out all the ones I have all at once, so I’m posting them in batches of twenty, mailing those off, and then posting another batch. The next one will probably go up next Monday. And if you miss it, and want a pin, just keep an eye on my shop, there will be more.

    And if you see me in person at a convention, I might well have some on me and would be happy to give one to you.

    3 thoughts on “Con or Bust Auctions!

    1. M
      Margo Hurwicz says:

      These guys (& their auctions) are great! I’ll go signal boost your tweet, FWIW.

    2. Laura More says:

      I donated $$ directly through PayPal – a nice option, as the bids have shot up since Monday.
      Thanks for letting us know about this. A very worthy cause.

      1. Ann says:

        Sorry this was caught in moderation for so long! I’ve been traveling for the last five or six days and a lot of things got dropped.

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