Wait, what??

I did not think I would be blogging today.

It’s a lovely Sunday, the weather is gorgeous, and so Mr. Leckie and I went out to the Shaw Nature Reserve for a nice long hike. Some of it is in cell phone range, but most of it is not, at least not for my carrier. We saw turtles, and heard chorus after chorus of spring peepers, which fell silent as soon as we got near them, and daffodils, and a few early-blooming wildflowers, and I got all mud-spattered and it was lovely.

Then we walked back into cell phone range. And my phone started buzzing. And kept buzzing. And I said to Mr. Leckie, “I wonder what happened” and looked, and it turns out that Ancillary Sword has won the BSFA for Best Novel.

I knew it was a nominee, of course. But I figured Nnedi Okorafor’s Lagoon would probably win, which thought pleased me, so I went off on my hike without even considering what I might put in a blog post if it came to it.

The lovely and talented D. Franklin was there representing me, and I have no doubt did so fabulously. Super big thanks again, D! You rock!

And super big thanks to the members of the BSFA. I’m well aware that it’s not a common thing to win such an award two years in a row, let alone for a book and its sequel. I’m tremendously honored. Thank you so much.

I’ll close by suggesting that since most readers of my blog have probably already read Ancillary Sword, you might want to check out Lagoon. Or, really, anything by Nnedi Okorafor.

3 thoughts on “Wait, what??

  1. H
    Hokuto says:

    Congratulations! \o/

  2. F
    Fred Kiesche says:

    May it be the first jewel in another triple crown!

  3. I
    IM says:

    Congratulations! I loved Ancillary Sword and will check out Lagoon , too.

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