Yes, the news is out. Ancillary Sword has been nominated for a Hugo Award for Best Novel.

I have two things to say–first, thank you to all my readers and all the fans of the Ancillary books. You folks are awesome. You write by yourself never knowing if anyone will read what you’re writing, let alone whether or not they’ll like it, or think it worthy of any sort of honors. You do the work anyway, because it’s your work to do. So when it turns out someone likes it–maybe lots of someones!–that is the most amazing moment. Enough someones who not only like it, but think it worth of a Hugo? Beyond amazing, and all the more precious because it was unlooked for. I cannot thank you sufficiently.

The second thing. If the Hugos are something you care about (if they aren’t, just scroll past this, no worries), I am here to tell you that becoming a Hugo voter is not terribly difficult. You go to the website of the current Worldcon–that would be Sasquan this year– and read the instructions–that page has a link for currencies besides US dollars, but for US dollars, scroll down to where you can pick “Supporting Member” in the dropdown box. Fill out the rest of the form, pay your forty bucks, and there you go. Or you can mail in your membership form with a paper check, instructions at the link above. Then once your membership is processed you’ll get a PIN and a link to vote for the Hugos.

Once you’re a member of Sasquan, you’ll also be able to nominate for next year’s worldcon, by the way. So if you read something fabulous this year, jot it down somewhere so you can put it on your ballot for next year!

And this ought to go without saying, but I have no expectations that you’ll vote the way I would. In fact, I rarely ever even tell my close friends in private how I vote, so it’s not like any of you could do that if you wanted, except by accident. So. If the Hugos are something important to you, and you’ve got forty bucks kicking around, consider a supporting worldcon membership.

Back to the important thing–you’re all awesome, thank you so much.

2 thoughts on “Hugos

  1. H
    Hokuto says:

    I AM SO GLAD ANCILLARY SWORD GOT A NOMINATION. It’s absolutely deserved.

  2. peter crozier says:

    Hi –

    Publishing going-ons that are not finalized tend to be kept sekret until they can be unveiled, but I’m hoping that Subterranean Press will do a repeat and publish a hardcover edition with all the bells and whistles as they did with AJ.

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