Beyond Cool 2: More Fan Art

I’ve got loads of things I should be doing, so of course it’s time for an Imperial Radch Fanart Roundup!

These are in no particular order, and I’m pretty sure I’ve missed something awesome.

Check out Isozyme’s awesome pic of Breq and Seivarden.

Tristanbewell also did a great Seivarden. Oh, and Breq too!

Rose-n-crantz did Anaander Mianaai. I love the hair and the jewelry!

They also did Breq!

Pilot-Star’s Breq. Did I already link to that one? I don’t know. Well, no harm linking again! And I totally dig the makeup and the earrings on this Anaander Mianaai.

Moomieswan gives us a lovely Breq and Seivarden, and a cool Anaander.

Lyricalt has done a few. Check them out, I love Translator Dlique.

Maelrok has done several pics–I admit a perverse fondness for the “college AU Breq carrying Seivarden high out of a shitty frat party” one. I know there are more, poke around in the tags.

One thought on “Beyond Cool 2: More Fan Art

  1. R
    Romy says:

    I love the fan art, and thank you for sharing! I am re-reading Ancillary Justice (my current selection for my sci-fi book club), and loving it even more the second time around. I keep thinking of characters and themes as I go about my day… which might explain why the other day something popped into my head that I can’t get out. Is this amusing to anyone besides me? It’s not fan art, but maybe fan parody?

    Anyway, I’m re-reading the part that takes place on Nilt right now. And they keep running that “Jake from State Farm” ad on TV. So, last night, for me that morphed into:

    “Who is this?”

    “It’s Breq– from the Gerentate.”

    “What are you wearing, Breq from the Gerentate?”

    “Uh, khakis?”

    “She sounds hideous.”

    “Well, she’s a guy, so…”

    Which then just makes me think of Breq’s unfortunate signing voice, and trouble with genders… guess I’m a bit obsessed.

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