Yeah, this is the time of year when people ask for money. Mostly, you know, because it’s the end(ish) of the year, and in the US donations to certain kinds of non-profit groups are tax deductible.

Anyway. Worldbuilders. Which is Patrick Rothfuss’ annual drive for donations to Heifer International. I’m a fan of Heifer International as well, as it happens, and so I very happily agreed to sign some books as part of Worldbuilders fundraising efforts.

So! For thirty bucks, you could get yourself a signed, first edition copy of Ancillary Sword. And help send goats or chicks or cows or bees or…and training so folks have a source of milk or eggs or honey or whatever that they can either use themselves or sell. They pass on the training they receive to other families, as well as some livestock or seeds or whatever it was they got. Check it out!

So, Worldbuilders. If you’re interested in a signed, first edition copy of Ancillary Sword, you can get that here, and also help a good cause.

One thought on “Worldbuilders

  1. Jeanne Slattery says:

    I’ve already read AJ (and AS), already donated to Heifer (yesterday). Thank you for writing beautiful books, where ancillaries can be more human than most of us, where most of the excitement is in the little things rather than explosions and fighting (even though those also happen). Happy Dies Natalis Solis Invicti!

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