Book Day! AMA Link! Misc Excitement!

So, it’s book day, and Ancillary Sword is officially out! Some folks did manage to score copies before today, which is totes fine with me, but today, well, today everyone ought to be able to find themselves a copy. Today it is officially released.

I had a fabulous time yesterday answering questions over at r/sciencefiction. A few questions appear to still be dribbling in, and I can’t promise I’ll get to them, but I’ll try. It was great fun, and a bunch of excellent questions.

The next two weeks are incredibly busy. If you’re in St Louis, you can find me at the University City Public Library tomorrow evening at 7pm, or at Left Bank Books on Monday the 13th (also 7pm), or at the Spencer Road Branch of the St. Charles Public Library on Thursday the 16th (7pm again!).

I’ll also be at Lit in the Lou this coming Saturday, October 11. I’m reading/signing/answering questions at 11am in the Main Tent, and on a panel, “Building Your SciFi/Fantasy World” at 1pm in the Writers Guild Tent 2.

So, there you go. I hope you enjoy Ancillary Sword, if you intend to read it. If not, well, here’s wishing you a wonderful day and that whatever book you are reading is marvelous.

11 thoughts on “Book Day! AMA Link! Misc Excitement!

  1. K
    Kari says:

    Yeah! My book store just called to let me know my pre-order is in. Going to pick it up now!

  2. n
    nm says:

    It’s on my e-reader.

  3. G
    Ghost Rider 6 says:

    Well, well, well. I was just about to go to iBooks on my iPad to buy Ancillary Sword, when, on a whim, I went to look at Amazon Books on my notebook. There I found AS listed and apparently good to go as a Kindle book purchase.

    Between work and a family member having some serious health problems, I’m a bit behind on reading your posts and may have missed you mentioning it was now available there. But in any case, Amazon apparently has decided not to continue to be a dick…or at least enough so to make your new novel available.

    Congratulations on the release. I hope you have a pleasant and fruitful “tour”. (Although I realize it may be over before you have time to read this.) Try to have some fun and to not wear yourself out.

  4. E
    Eric says:

    Huh, somehow I attained Ancillary Sword on Saturday (10/4) at a Barnes and Noble… didn’t even know I was special.

  5. I shall have to pop into my local Forbidden Planet superstore, not many people can say that with a straight face, and get myself a copy this weekend.

  6. c
    communi_kate says:

    A great surprise to find the e-copy I ordered months ago pop up on my reader. Awesome!

  7. C
    Chris Suslowicz says:

    AS arrived yesterday, was speed-read yesterday and will be reread over the coming months. It’s just as unputdownable as the first novel and I’m looking forward to the next installment. (Meanwhile, having noticed the mention of the Subterranean Press hardcover of AJ, I’ve ordered that – as a defence against the paperback disintegrating due to the amount of reading it gets.)

  8. T
    Todd Wilkinson says:

    I have read both Ancillary books, just finished Sword. Will there be a third? I read 100 plus SF books a year and rank yours’ among the best.
    Thanks, Todd

    1. Ann says:

      There will be a third! Just as soon as I finish writing it…

  9. J
    Joe says:

    finished. good stuff. want more.

  10. David Brown says:

    I found Ancillary Justice last week and rolled right into Ancillary Sword finishing it this morning. What a wonderful pair of novels! Thanks so much for sharing them with us!

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