Ancillary Sentence 27

Of course, I had no ships in my fleet besides my own, Mercy of Kalr, but there were no other fleet captains stationed near Athoek, where I was bound, and the rank would give me an advantage over other captains I might meet.

Tomorrow is book day! And we’re almost at the end of this paragraph, so let’s finish it off:

Assuming, of course, those other captains were at all inclined to accept my authority.

One thought on “Ancillary Sentence 27

  1. Peter C. says:

    Is Orbit an imprint of Hachette? I was looking to buy Ancillary Sword only to find the paperback edition unavailable through Amazon. I don’t actually buy books from Amazon (I use Amazon as a convenient place to look up product information and reviews), so the absence of Ancillary Sword was no big issue, but just surprised you had been sucked into the dispute. Obviously you need to become a member of congress and complain on TV that your book is being buried on Amazon for Ancillary Sword to appear.
    Ended up buying from BN.
    P.S. No hardcover edition of Ancillary Sword despite the success of Ancillary Justice? Weird.

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