Ancillary Sword Pre-order Update 2

So, the thing where you get a bookplate if you pre-order Ancillary Sword is geographically limited. It’s Orbit mailing them out (though of course I’ll be signing the bookplates myself) and having done largish mailings for work in the past, I can completely understand why that is.

However! There’s no reason access to the first three chapters should be limited to particular countries. SO. If you’re not eligible for the bookplate offer, but still have pre-ordered AS (or if you do in the near future) use this link. Fill it in. Hit submit. Enjoy the first three chapters!

Here’s the link again, just so it’s very easy to find. Click here if you’re in a country that isn’t eligible for the bookplate pre-order thing, but you’ve still pre-ordered and would like access to the first three chapters.

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    Sonntam says:

    I apologize, could you please delete my comment?

    1. Ann says:

      I just did. I saw immediately what had happened and “unapproved” it and was going to contact you to tell you I was going to delete it. Doing so now. ūüėÄ

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