My October Schedule

So. Turns out, October is going to be a busy month. If you’re in the St Louis area, there will be lots of chances to get your book signed!

It goes like this:

On Wednesday, October 1 I’m going to be at the Heartland Fall Forum in Minneapolis. Specifically, I’ll be at the Moveable Feast Author Lunch.

Tuesday, October 7 is BOOK DAY! Ancillary Sword will be officially out!

Wednesday, October 8 I’ll be at the University City Library at 7pm. There’ll be books available for purchase, and I’ll be happy to sign them, or sign books you already have. I might read from AS, if people want me to, and I’ll certainly answer questions.

Saturday, October 11 I’ll be at Lit in the Lou. Specifically, I’ll be doing the reading/talking/answering questions thing from 11-12 in the Main Tent, and then there’s a panel on “Building your SciFi/Fantasy World” from 1-2 in the St Louis Writers Guild Tent 2.

On Monday, October 3 at 7pm I’ll be at Left Bank Books. Right, talking, signing, etc. Books available, of course!

On Thursday, October 16 at 7pm I’ll be at the Spencer Road Branch of the St Charles Library. Books available, me signing them if you want! Reading, talking, answering questions too.

On Friday, October 17 I will collapse into a heap.

3 thoughts on “My October Schedule

  1. G
    Ghost Rider 6 says:

    Obviously, no early autumn moss will be growing under your feet in October. Any thoughts of expanded area visits/signings at later dates?

    1. Ann says:

      Not currently, but you never know!

  2. Mike says:

    Glad I scrolled back in the blog. Can’t wait to see you at the Spencer Road Library 🙂

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