So, this is beyond cool

So, yeah, sometimes I google my book. And I ran across this thing called “Tumblr”? I don’t know, maybe you’ve heard of it? I actually have an account but I have done nothing with it because I don’t quite understand the logic of Tumblr, how the conversations work there. It took me a while to get Twitter, too, though, and I eventually did. I’ll probably figure Tumblr out just before everyone leaves it for the next big thing.

But meantime. I was googling, like you do, and I ran across some fanart. Which I gather is kind of a thing on Tumblr? I don’t know, I just think this fanart is awesome, and I thought I would link to it and share the awesome.

So check out Raemanzu’s picture of Breq/One Esk Nineteen and Seivarden and another one on Deviant Art, both of which made me smile so much when I saw them. And this one just of Breq.

Then there’s Marrowskies’ drawing of Lieutenant Awn, and one of Breq/One Esk Nineteen and Seivarden. Those just made me happy.

How fabulous are those? No, don’t answer that, because I already know. Pretty darn fabulous! One of the things I love about all these (definitely not the only thing, but) is the way that each artist has their own vision of the characters, and their work is very different, and of course neither of them has drawn the characters exactly the way I think of them–and yet they work, they seem right. At least, to me they do!

2 thoughts on “So, this is beyond cool

  1. M
    MP says:

    You should try tumblr. It’s awesome ūüôā
    Can’t wait to read Ancillary Sword.

  2. S
    Stevie says:


    I’m a British reader and I noticed that Amazon UK has reduced the Kindle version of Ancillary Justice to ¬£2.99, which is roughly the price of a coffee in central London. I live here, and yes it’s a very expensive place.

    I know there was disappointment when Orbit didn’t include the 3 titles in the Hugo package, but I’m sure that people who might not have been planning to spend big bucks buying it may change their minds, given this opportunity at this price.

    I hope that’s the case because your book deserves to be read; and win, lose or draw it deserves its place in the spotlight.


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