The third hill on this roller coaster weekend was the BSFA Awards. Ancillary Justice was nominated, alongside several other fabulous books.

Ancillary Justice did, in fact, win. I couldn’t be there, sadly, but the lovely Daniel Franklin stood in for me, for which I am incredibly grateful.

Adding to the excitement–there was a tie, so Gareth L Powell’s Ack Ack Macaque ALSO won, which I think is fabulous. Basically for two reasons: first, I’m all for glory being spread around. Glory for all! There is enough for everyone! And second, apparently this is a sort of historic thingy for the BSFA awards–the first ever tie. Apparently, voting runs during the convention itself (that would be Eastercon), and so they didn’t actually know who any of the winners were until yesterday morning. Surprise! They only had one trophy made up, I gather, which is of course entirely reasonable, and you can see it (and my co-winner!) here.

I am beyond pleased. I am, truth be told, a bit delirious, though that may just be all the peeps I have consumed this weekend.