This weekend is like a rollercoaster with three big hills. Hill number one–the PKD awards! The results were announced last night at Norwescon.

The fabulous Ellen Brady Wright (attired in the awesomest dinosaur dress ever) stood in for me, reading a bit from the book and standing ready to accept in the event I won–which I did not. The award went to Countdown City by Ben H. Winters. Congratulations, Ben!

I was also super pleased to see Toh EnJoe’s Self Reference ENGINE get a special citation. Readers may recall that my 17yr old was undecided as to whether to root for Ancillary Justice or Self Reference ENGINE, which she had enjoyed very much. So basically, there was much rejoicing here at SRE getting props.

(Actually, the 17yr old hasn’t read Ancillary Justice. She has magnanimously informed me, however, that she will read it if it comes out in Spanish. I told her I couldn’t promise anything on that score, but you never know. I’m already looking at Russian, German, Hungarian, and Romanian. Who knows what wonders the future might bring?)

One thought on “PKD!

  1. B
    Ben Winters says:

    Hey, Ann, thank you for your gracious congratulations, and I wanted to let you know that Ellen did a marvelous job reading from your book. I’m only sorry we couldn’t meet, and I look forward to our paths crossing one day in the future.

    My children aren’t old enough yet to haughtily disdain my work, but I’m definitely looking forward to it!

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