My Fanfic Policy

It may seem premature. Presumptuous, perhaps. But I have reason to consider now an appropriate time to post my official feelings about fanfic of my writing.

I’ve given this a lot of consideration. I know it’s a topic that can sometimes be a bit contentious, and so I spent some time writing and editing my statement very carefully so that it fully conveyed my thoughts on the matter. Here it is. Please read it over carefully:

Ann’s Fanfic Policy:

You kids have fun!

No, seriously. I won’t read it, not because I’m afraid anyone will accuse me of stealing, but because I think it’s healthier for me if I don’t, for various reasons. And I won’t appreciate people trying to sell their fanfic, but I’m under the impression that’s already part of the fanfic community’s normative values, so honestly it’s not something I’m worried about.

I’m not a fanficcer (though I have committed a few small pieces, mostly pastiche or small amusements for friends, and one of which–the Wilson/Valasi slash–maybe three people have seen, and will certainly not be seen by many more), but I completely understand the impulse, and it looks like good fun, and how amazing to have people engage so intensely with your work? I mean, seriously.

So. Like I said. Have fun!

3 thoughts on “My Fanfic Policy

  1. If your book isn’t self-published, be sure to check your contract. Some publishers have a clause that says you must discourage fanfic because they consider it a form of copyright piracy.

    1. Ann says:

      It’s not a problem I have–but it’s always a good idea to check your contract, yes.

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