Ada said to Charles, “You can take this a little further.”

I just sent off a completed draft of Ancillary Sword to a few of my very patient first readers. It feels kind of weird, actually. There are still a few ships with names like Mercy of [ship] in the ms, and I don’t doubt there are continuity errors, and like everything I write, the last bits are the most unpolished and are probably kind of flabby and rough. But I can spend tomorrow with the ladies at the bead store, learning to do kumihimo, with nothing hanging over me!

Well, nothing except then having to polish things up as fast as I can so my poor editors don’t get ulcers. But hey, I did the big part!

To celebrate, I’ll earworm all of you with this song that Natalie Luhrs earwormed me with not long ago.

It is doubly appropriate, since it was Ada Lovelace Day not long ago.