Guest Blog Posts!

So, a few guest blogs have gone up. I mentioned the Booksmugglers post yesterday. There are a couple more, though.

John Scalzi kindly let me do a Big Idea post.

Over on the Orbit blog I talk a little bit about why I made the choice to use (nearly) all feminine pronouns.

Fabulous writer and historian Gillian Polack (whose story “Horrible Historians” appeared right next door to “Hesperia and Glory” in issue number four of Subterranean Magazine. (Link is a PDF) I have a special emotional attachment to everything in that issue, because it was my first ever spec fic sale) I got lost in that parenthetical information, didn’t I. Let’s start again. Fabulous writer and historian Gillian Polack very generously allowed me to natter about Ancient Egypt and it’s (vague) connection to Ancillary Justice

And the Qwillery has a brief interview up.

Oh, and I don’t think I linked this here, but you can read the first chapter at the Orbit website.

And, editing to add, just as I hit “publish” I found that my post on AI and emotion has gone up at SF Signal.

Yesterday was the most amazing day. So many people tweeting, reviews–my Amazon rank, you guys, I didn’t even know Amazon did this thing where they keep track of which books have increased in rank by how much in the past twenty four hours. It turned up on twitter, which is how I found it. For a brief period, Ancillary Justice was the number one “Mover and Shaker” because it had increased in rank by I don’t know how many thousand percent. It started the day ranking somewhere around thirty-five thousand and ended around three hundred something, and is currently number nineteen in science fiction, and now I forbid myself access to Amazon until next Monday because otherwise I’d just be sitting there going “…” all day.

The signing is still a thing! If you’d like a signed copy, you can order one from Subterranean Books in St. Louis and I will sign it Thursday night. You won’t get cake, sadly, unless you come to the signing itself. I’d pack some up for you if I could, but as things are, it’s better if I don’t try it.