Want to win a copy of Ancillary Justice?

There are currently two giveaways going, one at LibraryThing and one at Goodreads. They both run until the end of September. It looks like these are finished copies, not ARCs, which is kind of cool because that means I might be seeing finished copies myself, soonish!

The LibraryThing giveaway will only ship to the US or Canada, the Goodreads one only the US. Since it’s Orbit running both giveaways this time, I have no control over that. I still have a few ARCs left, and should be getting some finished copies, so probably soonish I’ll give a few away here on the blog, which I’ll be happy to ship pretty much anywhere.

So far reviews have all been good. And yes, there’ve been some outrageously complimentary tweets that yes, I’ve seen. I mean, are you kidding me? Of course I search my book title every now and then. Some I’ve retweeted (I could not help but laugh out loud at “Ankylosaurus Justified”), but some I’ve looked at and asked myself, “Ann, are you vain enough to retweet that?” and decided I wasn’t. (No judgment implied of folks who would choose to retweet such compliments. Self-promotiony stuff is weird, emotionally, and I can only speak to where my own weirdness is.) But I have noticed, do notice, and do appreciate it very much.

The negative reviews (and perhaps even non-complimentary tweets) will surely appear in the fullness of time. And that’s as it should be. I appreciate anyone’s reading my work, and going to the trouble to think and talk about it.

Now, I’ve got a couple more chapters to go, and a deadline to finish them by, so I’m going to clear my mind of tweets and giveaways, make myself some more tea, and get to work.