Clockwork Phoenix 2

So, I meant to post this yesterday. Except yesterday was, for me, the worst technology day in the history of technology. On the good side, I got a new keyboard and an upgrade to Windows 7 out of the deal. Also that kind of old but still functional automatic backup thingy I’ve got running saved all my data. On the bad side, I was so freaking stressed out yesterday I can’t even. Do not ask me what happened, you will only receive sputtering and some incoherent swearing. The worst part of it is, it was pretty much all my own fault. AAAAARGH!

Anyway. Let’s start today off with something good! Back in the day I decided that I needed to write a post-apocalyptic dinosaurs on Mars story. The result was “The Endangered Camp,” which appeared in Clockwork Phoenix 2 Which was, itself, chock full of awesome stories–one was nominated for a Nebula (Saladin Ahmed’s “Hooves and the Hovel of Abdel Jameela”), and several others turned up in various years best volumes.

But it was not avaiable in an ebook edition. Until now! Gentle readers, I give you the Kindle edition of Clockwork Phoenix 2! For $3.99!!!!

Editor Mike Allen has links to Amazon UK and Amazon DE and says it’ll be available in epub and mobi at Weightless Books next Tuesday.